pdf_logoIntroduction to the MDI Program, August 2018 Lagos, Nigeria by Dr Obinna Muogboh (PDF)


pdf_logoWest Africa 2018 Management Development Institute (MDI) Training Schedule (PDF)


Word_LogoDownload 2018 MDI CHIP Workbook (DOC File)


  Download the CHIP PowerPoint presentation Template

Franklin Ngwu
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Organizational Planning and Strategy by Dr Franklin Ngwu

pdf_logo Strategic Planning Presentation (PDF)

pdf_logo Strategy II - The Balanced Scorecard Session Slides (PDF)


 Dr Mollent Akinyi Okech
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Leadership and Human Resource Management by Dr. Mollent Akinyi Okech

pdf_logo Human Resources Management Slides (PDF)

pdf_logo Effective Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (PDF)


 Dr Ogechi Adeola
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Social Marketing by Dr Ogechi Adeola

pdf_logo Social Marketing - An Effective Approach to Social Change Slides (PDF)

pdf_logo How Social Marketing Works in Healthcare (PDF)

pdf_logo Social Marketing - Pre-Reading (PDF)

pdf_logo Social Marketing in Healthcare, Radha Aras (PDF)


  Prince Boni 100px
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 Health Information Systems Management by Dela Prince Boni


pdf_logoHealth Information Systems Management Slides (PDF)


 excel iconHealth Information Practice Data (Excel)

 Obinna Muogboh
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Operations and Project Management by Dr Obinna Muogboh


pdf_logoProject Management Presentation (PDF)


pdf_logoOperations Management Part 1 (PDF)


pdf_logoOperations Management Part 2 (PDF)


 Akintola Owolabi
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Financial Management by Dr Akintola Owolabi

pdf_logoFinancial Management Slides (PDF)



Africare 2016 Financial Statement (PDF)


pdf_logoChecklist to Assess Financial Activities (PDF)


pdf_logoStandard Operating Procedures for Accounting (IHV - Nigeria) (PDF)


pdf_logoIntroduction to FIMAT (PDF)


 Nzomo Muita
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Program Monitoring and Evaluation by Dr. Nzomo Mwita


pdf_logoProgram Monitoring and Evaluation (PDF)


pdf_logoMonitoring and Evaluation Matrix (PDF)


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Economics and Healthcare Management by Dr. Kwami Adanu

pdf_logoHealthcare Financing Slides (PDF)


pdf_logoHealthcare Cost Management: The New Institutional Economics Approach (PDF)

 Anthony Sallar Small
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Governance and Ethics by Prof Anthony Sallar

pdf_logoGovernance: Ethical Issues Slides (PDF)


pdf_logoEnron Case Study (PDF)


pdf_logoCase Studies (PDF)


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